Safe Cooking Temperatures

Safe Cooking Temperatures

Find a downloadable and printable pdf here:

Safe Handling of Meat + Poultry: Prevent the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance



Food Type

Temp (F)

Temp (C)

Rest Time

Ground meat & meat mixtures
(meatloaf, hamburgers, turkey burgers, etc.)
Beef, Pork, Veal, or Lamb 160 72 None
Turkey or Chicken 165 74 None
Fresh, whole cuts of red meat ( beef, veal, and lamb) Steaks, Roasts, or Chops 145 63 3 minutes
Poultry Whole, Fresh Chicken and Turkey 165 74 None
Breasts, Thighs , and Wings 165 74 None
Duck and Goose 165 74 None
Pork and Ham Fresh Chops, Roasts, etc . 145 63 3 minutes
Fresh Ham 145 63 3 minutes
Pre – cooked Ham 140 60 None
Eggs and Egg Dishes Fresh Eggs Until yolk and
white are firm
N/A None
Liquid eggs and Egg – Containing Dishes
(Quiche, Frittata, etc.)
160 72 None
Leftovers Casseroles, Stuffing , Last Night’s Dinner , etc. 165 74 None
Fish Fin Fish, Filets 145 63 None
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