Raw Juice


Raw Juice

The Breakdown

Raw juice (fruit or vegetable juice that is not pasteurized) can cause detrimental harm to human health because of harmful pathogens living and replicating within it.

• Labeling of raw juice is critical. Consumption of raw juice products is not advisable and can be especially harmful to those with weakened immune systems (the very young, the elderly, pregnant women, and anyone with a medical issue such as cancer, diabetes, or HIV/AIDS).

STOP’s Stance

• Consumers do no understand the level of harm that can be caused by pathogens found in raw juice, nor do they fully understand the benefits of pasteurization.

• STOP strongly supports the FDA’s efforts to put warning labels on raw juices.

• Juice-labeling requirements in the Food Code must be implemented by each state as soon as possible and should encourage pasteurized juice manufacturers to clearly differentiate in packaging their pathogen-eliminated juices from those that are not pathogen-eliminated.

• Small businesses and large businesses should be treated equally with regard to labeling—small business can create juice that is just as lethal as juice created by big businesses. Therefore, they should be held to the same safety standards regardless of economic or timing hardships.

• The FDA should also require establishments selling raw juice in disposable cups to label their juices.

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