Friday, June 23, 2017

Recall Continues for Hummus w/ Pine Nuts on Top (US & Canada – Walmart, Target, HEB, Giant Eagle, etc.)

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Reason for Recall: Listeria monocytogenes
Company: House of Thaller, Knoxville, TN (sourced from Hudson Valley Farms)
Product: Marketside, Lantana and Fresh Foods Market branded hummus

recalled Fresh Foods Market hummus

  • Fresh Foods Market brand “Artisan Hummus with Pine Nuts” with the UPC number 72036027054 and any of the following best-by date and lot code combinations — 23 JUN 2017A W1704176; 07 JUL 2017A W1704383; 15 JUL 2017A W1705037; 20 JUL 2017A W1705122; 02 AUG 2017A W1705296; or 17 AUG 2017A W1706102.
  • recalled Lantana hummusLantana brand “White Bean Hummus with Pine Nut & Herb Topping” with the UPC number 896863001434 and any of the following best-by date and lot code combinations — 19 JUN 2017A W1704129; 20 JUN 2017A W1704138; 22 JUN 2017A W1704161; 22 JUN 2017A W1704164; 22 JUN 2017A W1704165; 29 JUN 2017A W1704253; 29 JUN 2017A W1704254; 29 JUN 2017A W1704257; 30 JUN 2017A W1704274; 30 JUN 2017A W1704275; 04 JUL 2017A W1704346; 06 JUL 2017A W1704365; 06 JUL 2017A W1704366; 12 JUL 2017A W1704403; 12 JUL 2017A W1705004; 15 JUL 2017A W1705041; 15 JUL 2017A W1705044; 15 JUL 2017A W1705045; 18 JUL 2017A W1705088; 24 JUL 2017A W1705175; 24 JUL 2017A W1705176; 24 JUL 2017A W1705177; 26 JUL 2017A W1705199; 26 JUL 2017A W1705200; 27 JUL 2017A W1705201; 27 JUL 2017A W1705203; 27 JUL 2017A W1705207; 02 AUG 2017A W1705306; 02 AUG 2017A W1705307; 03 AUG 2017A W1705315; 03 AUG 2017A W1705316; 05 AUG 2017A W1705335; 05 AUG 2017A W1705336; 09 AUG 2017A W1705390; 10 AUG 2017A W1705401; 10 AUG 2017A W1705402; or 15 AUG 2017A W1706065.
  • Marketside brand “Classic Hummus with Pine Nuts” with the UPC number 681131138475 and any of the following best-by date and lot code combinations — 28 JUN 2017A W1704194; 19 JUN 2017A W1704066; or 19 JUN 2017A W1704065.

Regions: US/Nationwide + Canada/Nationwide (Target, Walmart, HEB, Giant Eagle, etc.)

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