Monday, May 15, 2017 | Canada

Canada Recall: Kelly Oysters brand Gigas Oysters (Canada/Ontario, Quebec), + Certain Ground Meat Products (Canada/Ontario)

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Reason for Recall: marine biotoxin which causes amnesic shellfish poisoning.
Company: DOM International Limited, Toronto, ON
Product: Kelly Oysters brand Gigas Oysters

Details: DOM International Limited: 416-265-3993

Regions: Canada/Ontario, Quebec


Reason for Recall: E. coli O157:H7
Company: Industry
Product: Certain Ground and Tenderized Meat Products

Details: Gino’s Meats and Deli, Kian Meat Shop Grocery, Lucky Meats, Sue’s Meats, Persia Meats, Ramuzian Meat Shop, Carrville Food Center. This recall was triggered by a recall of fresh veal by Newmarket Meat Packers Limited.

Regions: Canada/Ontario


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